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AAA Mini Warehouses: How to Best use your Self Storage Unit

Self-storage units are a wonderful way to take care of items you don't have a place for right now. They can be personal items, business items, or even stuff you would like to try to resell later on. Not all storage is the same though, some of the units are very small and others are large. Some of them are properly maintained while others are vulnerable to leaking roofs or even rodents on the premise that can destroy your items.

With so many options though, it isn't hard to evaluate storage units and narrow it down. Make a list of what you need. For example, the size based on your needs. If you plan to add more to the storage unit later, get a larger size. Otherwise, you may have to pay for a second unit or take the time to move all our items from the current storage space to a larger unit once you get close to capacity.

Location is essential, and you can easily find places close by. Enter "storage near me" in a search engine to see results in close proximity. The facility should offer safety features including excellent lighting and cameras. As you check out the options, you will find the best fit and a great price for your storage needs.

Personal Items

Self-storage is a wonderful solution when you have personal items you don't have space for. Perhaps you are moving and need a place for everything until you finalize those plans. Due to hard economic times and COVID-19, many people have moved in together to share expenses. Yet they do want to hold onto their own stuff for when they get back on their feet and move into their own place again.

Business Items

Business growth is exciting and encouraging, but it can create some new problems. One of them is not enough storage space at the current location. It may not be possible to move the entire business to a larger space. Storage units offer a place for extra inventory to be stored, for paper documents to be stored until they can be shredded, office furniture, and much more.

Resell Items

Many people make money by purchasing furniture, antiques, and other items. They collect them for a period of time and then sell them to others. Some resell items online through various sites including eBay. Storage can be an issue with larger items until you can resell them. Such a unit may be the ideal solution.

Sizes of Storage Units

The sizes of storage units as well as the type influence the cost. It stands to reason the larger the storage unit, the more you will pay for it. Think about the amount of space you will need and go from there. It doesn't make sense to pay for more space than you really need. However, if you plan to add to it, always go with a larger space from the start.

If you need to gain access to various items regularly, a larger storage space is essential. It will be a struggle if you have items stacked from the floor to the ceiling in there. You may have to remove lots of stuff to find what you are after. When you have empty space though, you can easily maneuver around in there, get what you are after, and be on your way.

AAA Mini Warehouses offer a variety of types and sizes of storage units on their property. We understand the needs of consumers vary and place the dimensions for the units on our website. You can also go to the location and ask to see inside of them to make comparisons and base your rental decision upon.

Self-Storage Tips

Make sure each of them is labeled so you can easily identify what is inside. The following items shouldn't be stored:



    Flammable items

    Illegal goods

    People can't reside within a storage unit. This isn't a solution for someone who is homeless.



    Stolen goods

    Valuables or sentimental items such as photos if they can reasonably stay in your possession

To maximize space, consider placing shelves in the unit. You can use them to place items rather than stacking everything on top of each other. If you plan to get into the unit often and take items out, this is a good way to stay organized and prevent items from falling. Breakables should be packed securely so the risk of them getting chipped or broken is reduced.

Keep an inventory of the items in storage. It makes it easier for you to remember what you have later on. It also makes it easier to file a police report should a unit ever get broken into when your stuff is inside of it.

Start your search for self-storage as soon as you know you will need it. If you wait until the last minute, you may overpay or be stuck with a location you aren't happy with. Early planning gives you time to shop around, time to research locations, and a chance to find the best place for your needs.

You may be placed on a waiting list for the date you need storage. The owners may have rentals that will be empty before you need a place. The best locations don't have empty spots for long, they have them rented again soon after someone has moved their items out. This type of storage can be perfect for your home or business needs. It can be the solution that works temporarily or long-term based on your circumstances

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AAA Mini Warehouses can help you with all your self storage needs in and around Commerce and Maysville GA, call today to reserve your unit.
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