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I visited Commerce Georgia and I was able to do plenty of things with the entire family. The kids had a great time at Funopolis Family Fun Center. My daughter went to the haunted house with her mother and they got really spooked by some of the monsters there. I went to the axe throwing section with my son and it was a pretty fun activity. At the end of the day, we even bought some souvenirs in order to have something to remember the entire experience by. Our family love watching movies so we decided to catch one at Commerce Cinema. The cinema is huge and I can tell a lot of people watched the movie with us.Commerce

They ensured everyone had such a great time as all the seats are completely clean.

In fact, we also love checking out books and we were amazed by how big the Wall of Books is. I definitely took home plenty of books because I wanted to read some of them for my flight back home. I recommended some children's books for my kids and they loved the ones that I bought for them. Even my wife who is not known to be a bookworm also got to take home a few books. We found ourselves reading them when we got to the hotel while having dinner which is a great family bonding activity. Speaking of family bonding, we did something we have never done before and that is to enter an escape room. We booked a slot for Exit Us Escape Room and it was very challenging. We were unable to complete the challenge as we found it a bit too hard. That is alright though as what is important is that we were able to have plenty of stuff that will make us remember this day for the rest of our lives.

Shopping is always on top of my mind and we were able to go to The Shoppes at Banks Crossing. As a matter of fact, one day was totally dedicated to shopping for nice finds. We bought a lot of clothes there and the food choices were awesome. We certainly ate a lot more than what we anticipated and that is never a bad thing. You should always leave your diet at home when you have travelled. Another shopping mall we visited was Tanger Outlets Commerce as this one is huge. We were able to go to tons of stores selling a variety of stuff. All the people there were nice and they helped us when we needed something. We also went to Red Hound Antique Market and we found some neat finds. It is clear how Commerce GA has plenty of antiques as we found a few other antique shops that were worth checking out like Back in the Dayz. Furthermore, we went to Atlanta Dragway to watch some races. It was a great way to spend an afternoon as the racers really knew what they were doing.

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