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Apple Valley

Apple Valley

I heard there are plenty of things for the entire family in Apple Valley Georgia. Hence, I brought my family and first visited Hurricane Shoals Park. Since the weather was cooperative, we decided to have a huge picnic. It turned out to be a nice idea because the kids had an excellent time playing on the shoals. There were tons of shades all over the park so it did not matter that the sun was out. We also went for a short walk around the park and that burned a few calories as well. I saw a fantastic river there but we decided not to swim since there was no lifeguard and we did not bring any swimming attire.Apple Valley Falls

The next day we went to Atlanta Dragway and it is a wonderful place to watch car shows.

Believe it or not, parking is not that hard as long as you come a bit early as people tend to come late at night. There is a restaurant there but the prices were a bit too high for us. The seats were okay but it was a good thing I bought a butt cushion in order to make my experience a bit more comfortable than it already is. There is even an option to race with other track racers there. I did not want to get my wife and kids worried about me though so we just sat there and watched the race. Needless to say, we had a fantastic time.

It was the kids' turn to have some fun in Apple Valley GA so we went to Rolling Video Games of Winder. They had some extremely comfortable chairs for all the boys who wanted to play their mobile games. It is evident that they have a highly trained team who answered all your questions about the games. They even made sure all those things were working properly for your kids to play until they got a bit tired of it. It is awesome how they have several video game consoles so you can choose the one that would suit you the best. The next day, we wanted to be a bit adventurous so we decided to kayak at Slow Water. I partnered up with my daughter and my wife partnered up with our son. It was a good thing the weather was nice or else we would have gotten sick. The equipment is great so it was not too long before we got to where we were supposed to go. After kayaking, we also went tubing and that was really fun. I felt happy the kids were having the time of their lives. You need to bring your own life jacket though. We even went to Boutier Winery and got to taste some lovely wine brands. Of course, this is not for the kids so my wife and the kids went shopping. On the other hand, I went on a tour of the winery and learned plenty of things in the process.


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