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The entire family finally paid a visit to Gillsville Georgia after months of planning. I was excited to golf and I got that in a huge serving when we went to Chimney Oaks Golf Club. The golf course is so huge and I would often come across other people playing there. We love shopping and we bought a ton of items over at Tanger Outlets Commerce. The shopping mall also has plenty of restaurant options and we ended up eating a whole lot than we can handle. That is alright because, after that, we wanted to walk around and see what we could check out when we were out at Gillsville. As usual, we saw lots of amazing choices and my kids ended up buying some sporting goods. On the other hand, I bought some clothes since I packed light going here. It is my habit to pack light so I would buy tons of clothes at the places I go to. Those who love to explore nature would benefit in more ways than one when they go to Don Carter State Park. We went here and we enjoyed every bit of it.Gillsville

We even burnt a lot of calories in the process.

We were a bit tired after the activity and we did not even notice because of how much we enjoyed the trek. We even visited Jaemor Farms for the corn maze. it turns out they have date nights that I and my wife enjoyed a lot. The kids love running around at the farm without me getting a bit worried that they would get lost. There were even some fun farming activities for kids. I made sure to bring some extra shirts because I knew the kids would get a bit hot with the sun really out. The kids were really happy during the entire activity. For our last day there, we did a tour at North Georgia Canopy Tours. We enjoyed the zipline part the most so I was happy we did that several times. It was so enjoyable that we hardly noticed how fast time flew. I would highly recommend doing this even during a time when you are thinking twice about whether you will do it or not after reading some of the reviews about it.

Since we love exploring restaurants to eat, we ate at different restaurants all the time. The first one we tried was Double D Burger. There is a reason why most Georgians would call their burgers the best in Gillsville GA. We also had some pizza over at Napoli's Pizza. I must say the Italian food here is superb. I could smell the pizza cooking from a mile away and it was such a treat to try it. It is not a trip to Gillsvile without a trip to Mr Teriyaki as it is a fine authentic Japanese restaurant. Besides, their sushi and sashimi dishes get me craving a whole lot more. The drinks also left a huge mark.

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